Hi, my name is Travis Maloney

I am a developer, caffeine addict, jalapeƱo enthusiast, and lover of all things tech. I have a rescue dog named Finnegan.

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A winding road got me here!

Degree in Finance, graduate certificate in Human Resources Management. Worked in HR, and then in Personal Finance at one of the big five banks. I've always had a passion for tech and my career trajectory just wasn't going where I wanted. Through a combination of self-learning, Computer Science Courses at Western University, and a Web Development bootcamp at Brainstation, I have gained the skills necessary to enter a career I love.

I am a web developer based out of London, Ontario. I use the MERN stack, but am comfortable learning and excited to learn new technologies. Other technologies I have used include Android Studio, Java, Python, C, mySQL and PostgreSQL.

Please feel free to view my full resume here.

What I do!

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Implement Templates

I can save you money by implementing a professional, tried and true template for your website.

Full-stack Development

I have experience with front and back end. I'm a quick learner and can pick up new skills to meet your needs.

Business Knowledge

With a vast amount of finance and business education and experience, I can help you achieve organizational goals.

Made with Love

Handcrafted websites and applications, made from scratch to fit your needs! Let's work together to build something amazing from the ground up.

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